Sparkle Clean
Part No. SC-01 or SC-06

By request, Herkules has brought back Sparkle Clean. Now reformulated to use with either Solvent or Waterborne paints, just a quick spray allows you to perform touch up cleaning on all paint equipment.

Use to spot clean spray guns and other paint equipment throughout the day along with a comprehensive and thorough cleaning with one of Herkules automatic paint gun washers to prolong the life of your paint equipment and ensure quality paint jobs.

Sparkle Clean

  • Fast cleaning before and after spraying paint

  • Two straws & caps come with each can - one cap holds a built-in-straw and the other cap holds a much longer straw. The caps/straws are easily changed.

  • Reduces solvent and cleaning solution costs

  • Helps prolong equipment life and ensure quality paint jobs

  • 15 oz aerosol can

  • Low VOC

  • Available in single can or 6 pack.

  • Made in USA

    Note: Sparkle Clean BLAST, part no. SCB-06 is a separate product, and is specifically designed for the Herkules G45 FastTrack Paint Gun Washer. See the G45 Paint Gun Washer page for details.

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