Air Bag Technology

The lifting “engine” for Herkules lifts is the Herkules patented Air-Bag™ technology. In addition to delivering enormous lifting capacity (over 57,000 lbs), Herkules Air-Bag™ technology has many other advantages:

  • no costly cylinders to maintain or replace
  • no electrical connection is required
  • no hydraulic oil or other messy fluids are used
  • uses central air supply - no independent pumps or reservoirs 
  • direct 1-to-1 lift ratio – the Air Bag provides the powerful lifting force – eliminating scissor strain


  Low Profile
In its lowered position, the Herkules lift is low as 4” high. The low profile can accommodate both a wider range of ergonomically correct worker heights and increased shipping densities which reduces shipping costs

Air Bags
Herkules proprietary Air-Bag™ technology combines high lifting capacity with clean, environmentally safe, fluid free operation. Plus - the air bags are maintenance free
Leading Industry Advantages
  • Customized lifts -
    designed and built using standard stock modules 

  • Low profile -
    enables increase in shipping density which reduces freight cost; provides greater versatility to accommodate worker heights 

  • Direct one-to-one lift ratio - eliminates stress on the scissors, reducing
    maintenance costs providing a long lift system life

  • High capacity -
    can lift up to 6,000 lbs with travel of up to 75” 

  • Modular configuration -
    enables lift to be re-configured for future applications 

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