Re-use and Reduce with the R500


Re-useable filters and powerful coagulants team with the powerful R500 to help waterborne paint users save time & money, and reduce the environmental impact. Dubbed “the L’il Flocker,” this Herkules recycler quickly and efficiently reduces the amount of disposable waste; and the durability of its filters allows them to be re-used repeatedly before replacing.

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    Save money and reduce waste with the Herkules waterborne recycler Li’l Flocker. Simply pour the used waterborne cleaning solution into the recycler, add our specially formulated coagulant, agitate and filter, in five minutes or less. The Li’l Flocker is 100% air operated with 75 psi; just connect an existing airline to the recycler. Its dual filters can be re-used for numerous cycles, and it is pump-less, meaning very little maintenance required. With a 5 gallon capacity, it can be used with the Herkules, or any brand name, spray gun washer.
    For optimal performance, use the CoAgent Coagulant for Waterborne Paint (CA01) and Herkules waterborne filters (#13835, 13836). For more information about these items, visit the Parts section of this website.