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Herkules – The Corporation

Herkules Equipment Corporation is a USA-based manufacturer offering a diverse line of products that support multiple industries by improving efficiency, productivity, ergonomics, comfort, and safety in the work environment. The company consists of three product lines: Herkules, EnKon, and BossLifts.

Herkules – From Single Product to Comprehensive Line

In 1985, Herkules developed the first patented, automatic Paint Gun Washer, a product that created a safer work environment, and also reduced labor and solvent costs. Building on that success, the company introduced the pneumatic air bag technology used for lifting vehicles.  These lifts enabled painters to raise cars to the perfect ergonomic height, simplifying painting tasks, and eliminating the use of leaky hydraulic lifts.

Throughout the years, new and unique products have been added to the Herkules catalog, including crushers, carts, air jacks, and even an aerosol solvent, Sparkle Clean.

EnKon – Addressing Industrial Manufacturing Needs

In 2001, recognizing that ergonomics are a concern for many industries, Herkules utilized its talents and brought low pneumatic lift technology to the marketplace. Herkules began building high-quality pneumatic lift solutions to meet the material handling needs of various industries.

By 2008, based on customer requests, the Herkules team expanded its offerings and began building hydraulic, ball screw and belt-driven scissor lifts. With these expanded capabilities, Herkules now offers a variety of high quality lift solutions that can meet precise positioning requirements, create narrower footprints, and support heavier loads.

EnKon is the brand name for the Herkules division that provides solutions for material handling, assembly and automation applications.

BossLifts – Providing Quality, Ergonomic and Economical Lifts for Shops

In 2003, Herkules leveraged their knowledge of lifts and brought low profile, high capacity pneumatic lifts to the Quick Lube industry under the brand name Pit Boss. Herkules designed and manufactured several standard auto lifts that straddle an oil-change shop pit. These lifts also allow technicians to offer other services – such as tire rotations and brake repair – while at the same time speeding the process for the shop, and the customer.

Herkules grouped all of its vehicle lifting products as BossLifts in 2015. This brand includes the popular K900 and L1200 series–providing efficiency and ergonomics to body shops.

An On-going Commitment to Providing Innovation, Ingenuity and Quality Customer Service

The Company created to address a single need now meets a multitude. As Herkules embarks on its fourth decade, the company continues its commitment to innovate and improve, with several comprehensive lines of high-quality equipment utilizing the latest manufacturing and engineering processes. Our products−Herkules, EnKon, and BossLifts −reflect our commitment to providing the means for our customers to streamline their operations and create safer, greener, and more productive workplaces.

And Herkules supports its American-made products with the best warranties in the business, and American-based, quality Customer Service.