Paint Gun Washers

Speed the Repair Process with the Original Paint Gun Washer

Over three decades ago, Herkules revolutionized the body shop industry by creating the Paint Gun Washer. Our washers, also known as spray gun cleaners, continue to set the standard for innovation and performance. Durability and quality are built into every model, providing facilities with long lasting, reliable equipment. Herkules washers are built with corrosion resistant components that support cleaning all types of paint guns; although each tank must be dedicated to cleaning one type of paint gun, either solvent or waterborne paint guns, exclusively. The G511 and G550 models are specifically designed to clean waterborne painting equipment. All Herkules Paint Gun Washers are proudly made in the USA.

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    The G45 Paint Gun Washer, also known as the FastTrack, is inexpensive, lightweight, only 10 inches wide—and is designed to work with Herkules Sparkle Clean Blast aerosol can cleaner. Using this low VOC formula aerosol, FastTrack cleans both waterborne and solvent paints. The G45 can be mounted anywhere in the shop – even prep stations, spray booths, and mobile work stations, allowing for extremely fast color changes. This washer works with disposable cup systems, and includes a one gallon container to catch the waste (optional 5 gallon container available). Made in the USA.

    WARNING: This product cannot be purchased for use in the State of California, due to its Prop 65 regulations.

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    Herkules economical G100 Paint Gun Washer saves time by thoroughly cleaning 1 spray gun and 1 cup, or 2 spray guns, automatically in one minute. Both enclosed and automatic, the G100 limits not only dangerous VOCs, but also direct solvent-to-skin contact creating a safer work environment. Made in USA.

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    The most popular Herkules Paint Gun Washer, the G200 automatically cleans 2 guns and 2 cups in one minute. This washer requires only five gallons of mid to high grade solvent about every four to six weeks. Both enclosed and automatic, the G200 not only limits dangerous VOCs, but also direct solvent-to-skin contact. Made in the USA.

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    Featuring a flow-through brush, the G202 Paint Gun Washer is ideal for cleaning EITHER solvent or water-based paint from spray guns, cups, and other painting accessories. With the ability to clean 2 guns & 2 cups automatically in one minute, the G202 is 100% air operated. A support pin keeps the lid open during manual pre-cleaning, and a shut-off switch prevents the pump from operating while lid is open. Made in the USA.

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    In addition to cleaning 2 guns and 2 cups in a minute, the Herkules G205 transfers used solvent to a recycler and imports clean solvent, in one simple step; all that is required is the turn of a knob. The G205 does not need a dedicated recycler; rather, a single recycler can be paired with multiple G205 units.

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    In addition to automatically cleaning 2 guns & 2 cups, the G210 Paint Gun Washer automatically cleans pressure pots, hoses and 5 gallon cans—saving paint technicians valuable time and money. Made in the USA.

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    Added versatility is provided by the Herkules G375. Equipped with two industrial-strength polyethylene tanks, shops choose how to best use them: both tanks for solvent cleaning, or one tank for waterborne & one tank for solvent. Each tank provides the ability to clean up to 4 guns & 4 cups automatically in one minute. The left tank is equipped with a flow-through brush with adjustable flow control. And both sides offer safety features and filter/regulators. Made in the USA.

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    The G415 is Herkules top-of-the-line, industrial-strength, stainless steel paint gun washer. Fully equipped with every Herkules feature, the G415 can clean solvent or waterborne paints automatically–2 guns and 2 cups or 4 guns—saving time and speeding the paint process. The G415 also cleans pressure pots, hoses & 5 gallon cans, offers a flow-through brush with adjustable flow control, and a foot-operated safety lid. Made in the USA.

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    Also known as “Quick Clean,” the Herkules G507 cleans a solvent or waterborne paint spray gun in 20 seconds or less. The compact size allows it to be placed practically anywhere in the shop, and it is ideal for use with disposable cup systems. Offering a “hands-free” brush, and a push-up nozzle that releases solvent for one-handed cleaning, the G507 simplifies washing. Wash and waste containers are contained in separate, easily accessible compartments, and the unit mounts easily to a wall. Made in the USA, this model is the updated version of our popular G505 and 506 washers, supporting both solvent and waterborne paint cleaning.

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    Herkules Paint Gun Washer model G511 cleans all waterborne painting equipment, and provides a flow-through brush with adjustable control. The G511 offers a paint coagulation accelerator to speed up the recycling and waste disposal process. The filtration system efficiently filters the paint waste with the help of a coagulant (Herkules CA01 CoAgent is recommended). Made in the USA.

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    Offering both manual cleaning for waterborne paint equipment, and automated cleaning for solvent-based paint guns at one location at the same time, the G520 provides the best of both worlds. This washer also offers a filtration process for environmentally-sound waterborne paint waste disposal, and for recycling waterborne cleaning solution. The left tank offers an open design for easy waterborne spray gun cleaning; the right tank automatically cleans 2 guns & 2 cups, or 3 or 4 spray guns, solvent or waterborne, in one minute. The right tank is to be used exclusively for either solvent or waterborne. The filtration system efficiently filters waterborne paint waste with the help of a coagulant (Herkules CA01 CoAgent is recommended). Made in the USA.

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    With easy-to-use push-up nozzles and a flow-through brush, the Herkules G550 simplifies cleaning waterborne equipment. Clean up after cleaning is a breeze; the paint coagulation accelerator speeds up the disposal process, working with the filtration system to efficiently filter paint waste, with the help of a coagulant (Herkules CA01 CoAgent is recommended). Made in the USA.