Power Paint Gun Cleaning with Durable, Reliable Pumps

Herkules industry-leading paint gun washers are powered by durable pumps that run for thousands of cleaning cycles. Most current paint gun washers are powered by the 338 Pump, but we are proud to have a number of older styles and models still in service, powering paint gun washers across the country.

Although our pumps are powerful, their lifespan is not as long as those of our classic blue tubs. For that reason, we have several kits that will enable customers to retro-fit a new 338 pump into their paint gun washer. Pictured below are the pumps currently in use, with both current and classic units no longer manufactured by Herkules. Update and/or repair information for each pump accompanies the picture. For additional assistance, either visit our Frequent Asked Questions page, or contact us weekdays from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

To purchase any of the pumps or pump kits currently available, select  “Add to Cart” in the respective section.

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    Replacing a piston pump with a diaphragm pump is simplified with the 11981 kit. Paint gun washers currently using a piston pump are easily upgraded to our powerhouse 338 pump with this kit, which also includes a solvent intake filter, two nuts, two flat washers, two lock washers two nylon spacers, two steel tubes  with flare nuts and an operating instructions decal for the washer lid.

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    The 11972 kit from Herkules enables paint gun washers with the 10686 or 314 pump to be upgraded by installing the 338 pump. This kit includes not only the 338 pump, but also the inlet and outlet hose assemblies, fittings, connector, elbow and nylon tube needed to simplify installation.


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    The 10792 kit provides fittings to refurbish the 10686 pump. The kit includes four check valves, two diaphragms and two large O-rings, two small O-rings and a slide valve assembly.

    Another option for paint gun washers using the 10686 pump is to upgrade to a 338 pump; see the 11972 kit listing for more information.

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    Also known as the O500 Pump Conversion Kit, the 12164 kit from Herkules enables paint  gun washers that use the 318 pump to be retrofitted with the 338 Pump, which is included in the package.

    Other fittings in the kit include the pump bracket and assembly, the filter/regulator, filter assembly, drain hose assembly, flare connector, hoses, washers, bolts and nuts, washers, plug and a bulkhead.

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    The 318 replacement pump is available, and should be used for rinsing operations only, not to power washing operations.

    We recommend that the user upgrade to the 338 pump for washing operations.

    To upgrade to the 338 pump, purchase the #12164 – O500 Pump Conversion Kit.  More information about the kit can be found in section 4 above.

    Contact Herkules at 1-800-444-4351 for more information.

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    The 338 diaphragm pump powers most of our current Herkules Paint Gun Washers. This powerful device can also be retro-fitted to many older Herkules paint gun washers; if only a replacement pump is needed, order this pump buy selecting “Add to Cart.”

    If retrofitting the 338 pump into a unit that currently uses an older Herkules pump, please order the pump kit that contains not only the pump, but also the components needed for easy installation. For help determining the correct kit, scroll down to each kit and it’s explanation, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for detailed information.

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    This powerful pump handles both solvent and waterborne paint and is used exclusively in the G507 Paint Gun Washer.

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    The 338_KIT-01 is for rebuilding a 338 pump. The kit does NOT include a new 338 Pump but provides two diaphragms, eight O-rings, lubricant, and four each of the following: seals, balls, and ball guides, along with detailed directions on how to refurbish a current 338 Pump and extend its lifecycle.

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    herkules_314_pump_renderingPaint gun washers currently using the 314 Pump can be quickly retro-fitted with the 338 pump: please order diaphragm pump kit #11972, which can be found above in section 2.

    DO NOT discard existing #314 fittings, as they will be needed.

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    The 1001441 brass muffler is used on the 338 pump.

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    This “dog bone” shaped manifold (part #1003560) is easily replaced on the popular Herkules 338 Pump, increasing the pump’s life cycle.

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    herkules_10686_pump_renderingHerkules provides a kit to rebuild this pump, #10792, along with the option to update the paint gun washer by retro-fitting the unit with the 338 pump. To replace the 10686 pump with the 338 pump, order kit #11972, (section 2 above) which includes the new pump along with the hardware necessary for the conversion.

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    Once used to power a number of Herkules paint gun washers, the use of the piston pump was discontinued some time ago. For units in which the piston pump is mounted on the right, the washer can be updated with the 338 pump; order diaphragm pump kit #11981 (section 1 above) to receive the new pump and conversion kit.