Herkules – Delivering industry leading, environmentally-friendly paint and body products
The Herkules product line features our company’s industry-leading paint gun washers, along with crushers, heavy duty carts and stands, and other products that support the paint and body shop industry. Herkules products have always been “green”—our paint gun washers greatly reduce waste and pollutants, and our crushers not only reduce the size of waste up to 90%, they also recycle and reclaim waste. And all Herkules products are American-made, and supported by our Michigan-based, industry-leading customer service.

Customers can purchase Herkules Pumps, pump kits, CoAgent recycling coagulant, Sparkle Clean aerosol paint gun cleaner and Parts (some) on-line; other parts can be purchased by phone (1-800-444-4351) or through your representative.