Technology – Air Bags

Most BossLifts by Herkules automotive lifts, and air jacks, are powered by Herkules proprietary Air-Bag™ technology. The benefits of using Air Bag Technology are numerous:

  • no costly cylinders to maintain or replace
  • no electrical connection required
  • no need for hydraulic oil or other messy fluids (no need for independent pumps or reservoirs, either)
  • thousands of pounds in powerful lifting force
  • longer scissor life, as the Air-Bag provides the lift power

Airbags combine high lifting capacity with clean, environmentally safe, fluid-free operation, which is practically maintenance free. And BossLifts powered by Herkules Air-Bag™ technology not only provide better ergonomics, they are safe for use in potentially volatile environments, such as paint booths.


Low Profile, Long Scissor Life — the benefits of powering lifts with air bag technology