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Herkules Fans - Not your run-of-the-mill ceiling fan!

Herkules Fans bring together a breakthrough idea and advanced engineering designs to deliver affordable comfort for indoor spaces.

The Idea

Instead of blowing air straight down from the ceiling, the Herkules Fan blows air sideways. This unique mounting system allows multiple fans to work together to increase air circulation and eliminate cold spots caused by downward-facing fans. When strategically placed in a facility, these 7-foot diameter fans provide excellent cooling in summer and can be used at a lower setting in winter to prevent warm air from collecting at the ceiling. With the Herkules Fan system, there’s no need for huge-diameter ceiling fans.

The Design

  • True airfoil blades for increased efficiency. We bend these blades to get this advanced shape similar to an airplane wing. No inefficient extruded blades here!
  • Low weight, efficient direct drive motor needs no gearbox making for a safer install and easier-to-maintain fan. The fan blade design makes it possible to move a ton of air at low speed and low power.
  • The 3-point truss mounting system makes it a breeze to install this fan that weighs in at only 45 pounds.

You’ll need a ceiling height of about 16 to 18 feet in order to mount these fans with the minimum 9-foot clearance above the floor. Due to the sideways mounting, these fans are easier to install in buildings with automatic sprinkler systems. Give us a call at 1-800-444-4351 to talk through whether these fans are right for your facility. Send us a facility schematic, and we’ll provide placement recommendations.

Herkules Fans have been installed in facilities for over 10 years. Inquire regarding refurbishment of legacy models at our facility just outside Detroit, Michigan.

l0158_02_herkules_fan_sideways_truss_mount_industrial_cooling_front_page_58 l0158_03_herkules_fan_sideways_truss_mount_industrial_cooling_back_page_58 Click here for PDF copy of Herkules Fan Brochure

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