15171 Herkules Maintenance Kit


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The Herkules Maintenance Kit (#15171) contains the most popular and commonly-used replacement
parts by our Paint Gun Washer users. This kit features the fifteen (15) of the most frequently
purchased components used to modify,repair or just basically tune-up Herkules Paint Gun Washers.

This easy-to store pack keeps these parts ready for quick access, reducing both downtime and cost—
with a significant savings over purchasing and shipping parts individually.

The kit provides these parts: 12509 (2) air cap assembly, 1002651 (2) e-rings, C9A (2) nipple 1/8 NPT x 4 ½ brass, 22GW (2) trigger lock assembly, M1C (1) limit valve, 54P1 (12) white fulljet nozzle, 53A (4) stem support male, 53B (4) stem support female, M230-002 (1) knob for mechanical timer,12491 (1) filter for pump inlet, 1001441 (1) muffler for 338 pump, 11345 (1) filter regulator, M5 (36”) Blue tube 5/32, M230-001A (1) mechanical timer without knob, and M5-black (36”) Black tube 5/32.